Avocados for the Holidays


How are you coming with your preparations for the holidays?   If you’re like me,  the weeks before Christmas fly by!   So many fun activities,  including rehearsals,  musical performances,  parties, Christmas Parade and family gatherings…plus shopping!   This year I’m having some extra fun answering phones for our family farm’s website  CaliforniaAvocadosDirect.com.   It truly is a pleasure to meet people over the phone who love California avocados and want to send them to friends and family as holiday gifts.  (2015 Update:  I’m not answering phones this year, but you can still call to order avocados!)

Some folks have moved away from California and miss the special avocados they used to enjoy when they lived here.  Some folks grew up with avocado trees, or their parents and grandparents had an avocado ranch many years ago.   I love talking with folks who live far away from California, but whose family and friends love avocados, so they ask us to send the very nicest ones for birthdays or during the holidays.   It’s amazing to hear their avocados stories and share some of mine with them too!

When I first moved to Escondido,  I had no idea how avocados were grown.  I happened to meet a tall, red-headed avocado farmer one night at a church social,  and asked him if they grew on bushes!  He explained that they grow on trees just like apples.  We’ll be celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary very soon….and  now I really do understand how avocados are grown!  He planted all these trees himself…and we live right here on the ranch where we raised our four children.

A few years ago our family  started an online business to offer avocados in gift boxes and monthly subscriptions. We wanted to be able to send  the nicest California avocados direct from our farm to the people who need them and enjoy them, no matter where in the USA they might live.   Our son made this video about our farm:

This year we have three varieties that are ready for harvest in December, so we thought it would be fun to offer an avocado sampler gift box.  There are two Bacon avocados, two Fuerte avocados, and two Hass avocados in each box,  packed in a foam insert so they look really nice.   Something special from California that isn’t available in stores! We call it the Holiday Sampler and you can find it right here. 

We’re excited to be able to offer fresh roasted California pistachios from ARO Pistachios  with our Fuerte avocados for the holidays this year.   Grown on a family farm called Orandi Ranch near Porterville, Ca.,  these are the biggest and tastiest pistachios we have ever eaten!   The shells are really easy to open, and they’re dusted with Himalayan pink salt for perfect flavor too!  I ordered some of the larger packages of those pistachios from our friends at ARO to give to friends and  family members this year…they’re that good!


If you haven’t visited our farm website, I hope you’ll take a look! Fresh California avocados are such an unusual and fun gift to send!  I love to see peoples’ eyes light up when they hear about our avocado gift boxes…most people have never thought of sending avocados as a gift!  This year we have a gift certificate too….so that people can order their own avocados when they will be ready to enjoy them.

 Remember that avocados are rock hard when they are picked from the tree.  They need to soften for a week or more before they are ready to eat.  If we want some avocados to be ready to eat on Christmas,  we’ll be picking them on Dec. 15th. Or just get a gift certificate and let the gift recipients choose when they would like to receive their box of avocados.  How about receiving your avocados in February for the Super Bowl!

I’ll be sharing a really good  double chocolate cookie recipe with you tomorrow!   There will be more  time for baking now that my shopping is done!  Shhh….don’t tell, but I’m sending California avocados and pistachios this year!

Disclosure:     ARO Pistachios  sent me some pistachios to try, and we liked them so much that we include them in our gift boxes now.  I was not compensated to write this post.  All opinions and experiences are my own.  

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