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With the drought here in California,  I haven’t been trying to care for a garden outside.  This time of year is hot and dry.  Tender little herbs just don’t need to be stressed by the sun and arid soil that we have right now.   When I was offered a chance to try out an Aerogarden by Miracle Gro,  I  jumped at the opportunity!  It arrived before Thanksgiving, and was so easy to set up!  In just a few minutes I had filled the chamber with water, added the nutrients,  inserted the  seed pods and plugged the unit in!  There is a grow-light that comes on every day for 16 hours, on a timer.   The nutrients and water are added every two weeks.  What could be easier than that?  Hydroponics!

cover for seed pod

Each seed pod has a cute little cover…like a mini-greenhouse!  The Basil came up first,  then the Dill.  I was actually afraid that something was wrong when the parsley didn’t come up….until it did!   It took about about 12 days, but there it was!   Cute little Parsley joined her brothers, Basil and Dill!  (Okay, I might be taking this a bit far, but since my children are all grown up I’m feeling all motherly about these little herbs.)

Once the plant gets going, the little covers can be taken off.  Then the fun really begins!  The leaves change almost daily!


I set mine up so the Grow-Light would be on most of the night.  It’s actually a fun night-light too!  When I come into the kitchen during the night,  it’s so cheery to see my little garden … all perky and happy in the light!   Yesterday I discovered that the Dill had developed leaves…such a pretty shape! And just look at how big Mr. Basil is getting!   I have only added nutrients and water once…so little effort for so much pleasure!  And soon I’ll be eating my own home-grown herbs!

I can’t help but think of my family living in Vermont…in the snow and cold all winter.  Wouldn’t this Aerogarden be a great gift for them?  Green growing plants to see everyday…and fresh herbs for their meals!


Mimi Avocado will be giving away a MiracleGro Aerogarden 3SL just like the one they sent to me!  Do you want one for your own home?  If so,  head over to Instagram and follow MiracleGro  @mgaero  and follow me @MimiAvocado.   Find my Instagram page (@MimiAvocado) and leave a comment on any of my photos of the Aerogarden.   Be sure to also add the hashtag  #Aerogarden-MimiAvocado to your comment.  Then I’ll be able to add your name to the list of potential winners!   You must be USA resident,  over age 18,  and the giveaway will end on Saturday Dec. 13 at midnight.   Void where prohibited.  If you win I’ll contact you, get your mailing info, and an Aerogarden will be coming right to your doorstep!

You can enter other giveaways for the biggest and best Aerogarden LED!

Enter to win one of 4 ULTRA LED units on the Kitchen PLAY Facebook page now through December 23, 2014

Find AeroGarden online here:





If you are NOT an Instagram follower and would prefer to enter the giveaway right HERE on the blog,  please leave a comment and tell me where you would set up your Aerogarden  in your home.  In the kitchen?  Family room?  No need for windows as the machine makes its own light!  By the way, I have a cat and she hasn’t bothered the Aerogarden at all so far….mine is in the kitchen! That’s where I’ll be harvesting the fresh herbs for my cooking! Yay!

Disclosure:  AeroGarden sent me a 3SL unit to try and the opportunity to give away the same unit to one of my followers.  I will receive compensation for sharing my experience with the Aerogarden in this post and on Instagram.  Brands like MiracleGro Aerogarden help make Mimi Avocado possible.   I hope my readers will try products like these.   All opinions and experiences are mine.   


aerogarden 2 weeks

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