crab-cake stuffed avocado and poached egg

What’s for Brunch? Crabcake-Stuffed Avocados with Poached Egg on English Muffin


crab-cake stuffed avocado and poached eggHere’s the perfect brunch for a lazy morning!   I’ve seen avocados with eggs baked inside, but this avocado stuffed with crab cake has the best of both worlds:  creamy, cool avocado with warm succulent crab cake,  with a nice runny poached egg on the side!  Add a multigrain English muffin and some seasonal fruit and indulge in your own celebration of summer!

peeling an avocado Peel a fresh California avocado, remove the seed,  and tuck one of those crab cakes right into the hole of the avocado!  Fresh avocado is already perfect … no need to grill or bake in the oven.

poached eggs

Here’s a poached egg right after I pulled it out of the hot water. Don’t have any crab cakes? Put the egg into that avocado half! Sprinkle with salt and pepper and maybe some bacon bits too!

Make yourself a perfectly poached egg…nice and runny!  Here’s how I did it:

Fill a small saucepan with water, add 1 tsp. salt and 2 tsp. white vinegar.  Bring it to a gentle boil.  Lower the heat to medium.  Crack an egg into a bowl.  With the handle of a spoon,  stir the water until you have a whirlpool, then slide that egg into the middle of the whirlpool.  Turn off the heat, cover the pan, and wait 5 minutes.  Remove the egg with a slotted spoon!  It’s poached!

When I make poached eggs I use Davidson’s Safeest Choice Eggs because they’re pasteurized.  There is always some risk of salmonella with undercooked eggs…better to be safe than sorry!

poached egg with avocado and crab cake

I think this is a pretty nice brunch plate!

I’m getting ready to go to Eat Write Retreat food bloggers conference in Chicago this weekend where we will be having a Food Swap sponsored by Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs.  I’ll be taking some of our beautiful fresh home grown California avocados from our family farm.  Each of my gift bags will include two varieties of avocado:  the familiar Hass variety and the summer Reed variety.  Have you ever compared both side by side?

Hass and Reed avocadosThe Hass variety has bumpy skin and turns a darker color when it’s softening.   The Reed avocado has a thick leathery skin,  is large and round like a cannon ball, a has a very creamy texture when it’s ripe.  Both are in season right now…and both are so tasty!  Remember that avocados do not soften until after they are picked from the tree, so it takes about a week after they are picked before they are ready to eat.  We pick them to order and ship them all over the USA by priority mail, so they usually arrive in 2-3 days.  There’s a ripening guide in the box, so it’s easy to complete the ripening process at home.  From the tree to the table!  Can’t get any fresher than that!

food swapI’ll be taking these cute labels with me to Chicago along with some gift bags and other goodies to include in the bag.  I have already shipped boxes of avocados from our farm and they’ll still be fresh and hard on Saturday for the swap.  Other bloggers who are participating in the food swap are bringing items that they grew or produced in their own kitchens too.   I’ll be looking for baked goods,  jams and jellies, pickles…or something I haven’t even imagined yet!  What fun!  Many thanks to Davidson’s Safeest Choice Eggs for sponsoring the Food Swap at Eat Write Retreat.  This is the first time I am attending this conference and looking forward to meeting lots of new friends!

Have you ever participated in a Food Swap?  What did you swap?

Disclosure:  Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs sent me the stickers and swap cards as well as come coupons for free eggs.  I was not required to write this post and am not being compensated for it.  All opinions and experiences are my own.


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