Virtual Fried Rice

Four Creative Potato Recipes for National Potato Day

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Virtual Fried Rice

Today is National Potato Day!  Baked or mashed, scalloped or french fried,  potatoes are family favorites.  It’s fun to try creative new potato recipes once in a while,  just to add a little spice to life!

Here’s a dish that fills the kitchen with heavenly aroma and tastes even better!   I found the recipe on the Idaho Potato Commission recipe site, included in their recipe photo contest.  Add bits of leftover pork or chicken and it becomes a one-dish meal!  Make a big batch and serve as a side dish with dinner, or a hearty snack for a party!Virtual Fried Rice bowlCurious?  Finely diced potatoes are  soaked  in water  to remove some of the starch,  then browned in a skillet.  Onion, red bell pepper, carrots, green peas, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and a couple of eggs. Just a little different way to serve potatoes!

Idaho Potatoes have some really creative recipes on their site.  Have you checked them out?  Every several months there is a photo recipe challenge  for anyone who wants to enter the contest.  Just make one or more of the featured recipes and submit up to three photos of each recipe.  You might win!   I was thrilled when my photo of Virtual Fried Rice won!  Check out the recipe here and you’ll see my photo there too!

I made a few more of the recipes and submitted my photos for the contest.  Although these photos weren’t chosen,  they’re worth sharing with you now in case you might be inspired to try out the recipes!  Maybe you’ll even try your hand at the current contest too!


This chowder has mussels, clams, shrimp,  and crab with chunks of Idaho potato in a creamy broth with bacon.  Recipe:  Seafood and Idaho Potato Chowder

risotto with potatoesTruffled Idaho Potato Risotto with Parmesan and Arugula  was fun to make and fun to serve.  My family loves to try out the dishes I make after the photos are done!

grilled Idaho potato

Have you ever tried cooking potatoes on the grill?  Cook them up at your next tail-gating party and serve with plenty of spicy guacamole!

Here are the instructions for grilling Idaho russet potatoes:

Happy National Potato Day!

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