How to Get Produce During COVID-19 Quarantine


Stay Home Be Safe Avocados

Stay Home – Stay Safe

We are all being urged to stay at home.  If avocados and other fresh produce is something you crave, there are smart ways to get it.  Farmers are now shipping boxes of fresh produce directly to the people who need it.  Produce suppliers for restaurants and food service are opening their doors to the public. Stock up on quantities of good fresh food and then stay home.  If you can’t eat it all, share it with your neighbors and family.Tangerines

Tango Mandarin Oranges

These tangerines (or mandarin oranges) are easy to peel,  seedless, and very sweet.  They are just getting sweeter right now, and will be available for several months.  We’re shipping them, along with fresh avocados from our farm.  Order some at  California Avocados Direct, our family farm.


Picking Fuerte avocados

Fuerte avocado trees are tall — use a ladder!

Fuerte Avocados Almost Gone

We’re picking the last of the Fuerte avocados for this season, but you can still order them right now.  The Hass avocados will still be available after the Fuertes are finished.

Big carrots for roasting

Our son stopped by the local produce supplier who usually takes care of the restaurants in the area.  They are open to the public right now, and had quantities of good fresh produce.
If you can use a huge box of celery,  onions, potatoes, apples, oranges, mangos…so many options there….you can buy at a very reasonable price.  It’s too much for one family to eat by themselves, but a group of neighbors could share.  Just box it up and leave it on the front porch.  We’re roasting these huge carrots today.

Carrots ready to roast

Roasted Carrots

We sliced up 8 very large carrots using the food processor and coated them with oil in a large bowl.  Then we sprinkled seasoning on them.  I used a seasoning that I get a Trader Joe’s, but salt, pepper, garlic powder would be great.  Then a few Italian breadcrumbs,  and some grated parmesan.  In the oven at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes, depending on how tender you want them to be.  Yum.   Great snack or side.

Sun setting in the grove

Find the Beauty

I spend most of the day inside, but a few days ago I stepped outside just as the sun was setting.  The trees are beginning to bloom, the rains have made everything green.   I reminded myself to get out of the house more often…enjoy the beauty each day that is around us.  Turn off the news.  Look at the sky.

I went back into the house for a few minutes, and happened to walk past a window.   Then I had to run back outside to catch the end of the sunset.  Sometimes we need to slow down and enjoy it all.  No rushing.  We might miss something wonderful.

Sunset and tree

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