avocados for So Calif delivery at a special price

Local Delivery of Avocados At a Special Price


avocados for So Calif delivery at a special price

Friends in Southern California!

We have figured out how to offer a box of avocados at a more reasonable price for local delivery. If you live in Fresno or south of Fresno, you can get 10 lbs of fresh avocados from our farm for $24.95 plus $10 shipping.  That’s $1.45 per avocado!   We hope this will help many of you get the avocados you need during this time when we are all staying home. Info: https://www.californiaavocadosdirect.com/prod…/product.aspx…

California avocado gift box

Avocado Gifts

We are still shipping our regular boxes of 6, 12, or 24 avocados all over the USA!  Those go via USPS flat rate.  We have monthly subscriptions
and some folks order a subscription to be sent every two weeks.  This is a great way to send a healthy gift for any occasion.   When we are unable to be with our family and friends,  sending a box of fresh avocados is a kind and thoughtful thing to do.  Healthy food and pretty too!

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avocados ready to bloom

The avocado trees are beginning to bloom and are sending out new growth right now! It’s time to harvest some avocados so the trees can give more energy to setting a new crop!

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