The Easter Bunny Brings Avocados!


Easter bunny brings avocados

Easter is just around the corner!

We’re helping out the Easter Bunny this year by shipping gift boxes of avocados to families all over the USA.  If you order this week,  the avocados will be picked, placed into a box, and sent to your family and friends.  It takes about a week for the fresh fruit to being softening,  so there should be fresh avocados ready to eat by Easter and during the days following Easter.

box of 6 avocados

Avocados Picked Daily and Shipped to Your Home

Here is a box of 6 avocados that we shipped to Vermont last week.  It only took a few days and they were sitting on a kitchen counter in Barre, Vermont!  We pick them from the tree, place them in the box, deliver them to the post office, and they arrive on your doorstep a few days later.   What could be fresher than that?  No trip to the grocery store is necessary.

bowl of California avocados

A Big Bowl of Avocados on Your Table

Our niece and her husband ordered a box of avocados last week and put them into a beautiful bowl.  So cheerful! These are Fuerte avocados (say “Foo-Air-Tay”) — a winter variety with thinner skins and  shaped like pears.peeling a Fuerte avocado

The skins of Fuerte avocados can be  peeled right off when they’re ready to eat!  They have a really full flavor…my favorites!  We will have these for another two weeks, and then the season will be finished.  Don’t worry though, because the bumpy skinned Hass avocados that you love will still be available for months to come.

deviled eggs on blue

Baby Bok Choy and Avocado Deviled Eggs

Here’s a recipe for some deviled eggs that are perfect for Easter or anytime!   The ingredients are good for you, and they make a great treat!


avocado deviled eggs

Avocado Deviled Eggs

Avocado Deviled Eggs

No Bok Choy on hand?  Try these Avocado Deviled Eggs!  And don’t forget a few carrots for the Easter Bunny!

Order Your Avocados Now!

Check out our family farm’s website for avocado gift boxes!  You can get a box of 6, or a dozen, or even 24 at a time!  Sign up for a subscription – for yourself or as a gift.  We’re so glad to be able to send these wonderful avocados to you and your loved ones!

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