Avocados Almost Ready to Bloom…Snow Coming to Local Mountains!

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March Day on the Ranch

It’s springtime on the ranch!  I went out today to see if any of the wild flowers have started blooming.   We haven’t had much rain in the last month, but we’re expecting a big storm this weekend.   We hope the wind won’t blow too hard, as the avocado trees are budded and are ready to bloom!


New growth on the trees

New growth is red!

As the trees begin to bloom, each tree also puts out new foliage.  The baby avocados will need to have leaves to protect them from the hot sun!  Isn’t it great how nature works, providing exactly what the developing fruit will need.  You can see that the flowers are still tightly closed.  A few flowers are trying to open, and there were bees buzzing around, hoping  to find nectar.


Avocado Flowers

These buds are ready to open any day now!

These flowers are opening already!  The heaviest bloom will happen during the month of April.  We hope for mild, sunny weather so that lots of baby avocados will get started.  Farmers  take good care of the trees, fertilizing at the right time and providing enough water at the right times.   It’s up to Mother Nature to provide the perfect weather conditions at the right times so that  a good crop sets for the next year.   The new crop sets while last year’s crop of avocados are still hanging on the trees.  We have already started harvesting the largest avocados so that the trees will not be overburdened as they bloom and set the new fruit.

beautiful buds and new growth

The new foliage and the buds are so pretty!

Here are some of the first spring flowers to bloom in the field.  In a few weeks the field will be carpeted with these pretty pink spires called Purple Owl’s Clover.

Purple Owl's Clover

Purple Owl's Clover


I did find some California Poppies!  These are the official state flower of California.


California State Flower

California Poppies!

Springtime is exciting here on the ranch.    After the big storm this weekend,  the sun will come out and cause the avocados to bloom and set fruit.    More of the native wildflowers and plants will be coming up too!   We will be able to see snow on the local mountains according to the weatherman.   Spring flowers and spring snow!   Check back here in a day or two….I’ll show you SNOW!

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