Mixed Bean Soup with Smoked Chicken Sausage


Mixed Bean and Chicken Soup

We have been eating lots of chicken soup in our house this week.   We’re still recovering from a nasty upper-respiratory flu,  and we’re craving soup.   I wanted to make a soup that did not require a trip to the store, so I checked the freezer and the pantry AND the refrigerator.   After watching back-to-back episodes of “Chopped”  on the Cooking Channel all week, I felt like a contestant who was required to make a dish from a basket of ingredients…except I could choose the ingredients.

chicken thighs cooked in salsa

Boneless/Skinless Chicken Thighs cooked with Roasted Garlic Salsa

I started with frozen chicken thighs (boneless/skinless)  and some left-over roasted garlic salsa.  They were cooking nicely in a pot on the stove while I explored the pantry.


Bean Blend

Mixed Beans, Peas and Lentils

I found a container of mixed gourmet beans from Costco…beans, peas and lentils in lovely colors…so I dumped about 2 cups of them into a pot and filled the pot with water.   They needed to soak for 4 hours, but that was no problem.   I turned off the chicken when it was done and returned to the Cooking Channel.

drain and rinse the beans

Drain and rinse the beans after soaking

Later in the afternoon,  the beans were ready to drain, rinse and add to the chicken.  I poured a 48 oz. box of chicken broth (with no MSG) into the pot and added about 4 cups of water so that the volume of the beans was doubled.   Turned on the heat and waited another  hour and a half.

Beautiful beans, peas and lentils

These beans, peas, and lentils are so pretty!

When the beans were cooked, I added some sliced smoked chicken sausage that also came from Costco.   The sausage has peppers and seasoning in it that is enough to flavor the soup.   I didn’t add any other seasoning.  Four of these sausages were enough because I already had the chicken thighs in the soup.  Another time I might skip the thighs and just use the sausages.

Smoked Chicken Sausage with chilis

These aren't too spicy but add good flavor to the soup.

Was it good?  Judging from the amount that is left, I would say so.  Serve with sliced avocados on top, of course!


Add avocado slices to your soup

Cool creamy avocado is delicious on the hot soup!

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