Snack or Brunch: Mimi Avocado’s Smoked Ham Guacamole Bites

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smoked ham guacamole bites

It’s Friday night and no one has planned dinner.   On Fridays we like to fix a substantial snack and call it supper.  It’s time to kick back and relax.   Let’s take a look in the fridge…there’s some leftover ham and a container of fresh salsa.  Ripe avocados on the kitchen counter and a bag of good white corn tortilla chips.

avocados and pits

Guacamole is one good option…just add the salsa to the mashed avocado.  What could be easier?

mash avocados with salsa

Chips and guacamole for supper!  With a salad.  That’s healthy!


What about the ham?   It’s a really good smoked ham from Mahogany Smoke House in Bishop, California.  If you haven’t tried their bacon or ham,  you owe it to yourself to order some if you live in California.  (They only ship in-state.)

brown the ham

It’s easy to chop up a few slices of ham and brown the pieces in a skillet.  Smoky, caramelized artisan ham.



Stir some of the smoked ham into the guacamole.   Serve it in the bowl or make yourself a plate of delicious Ham Guacamole Bites!   They’re so good, I’d serve them for Mother’s Day Brunch!



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