avocado hearts on toast

Avocado Hearts on Toast


avocado hearts on toast

Learn to Make Avocado Hearts on Toast!

Are you an Avocado Toast lover?  If you haven’t tried avocado toast yet,  it’s time to discover a new love in your life!  And to make it extra special, add Avocado Hearts!

Bread and avocados

Choose Good Bread

We have fallen in love with this Asiago Parmesan Bread from a local bakery, but any healthy bread will work.  Need Gluten Free?  Use a gluten free bread to make your toast!   Cut a thick slice and slip it into the toaster  until it is perfectly browned and the aroma of the cheese is calling your name.

How to Cut the Avocado to Make Hearts

Slice an extra large California avocado in half,  remove the seed, and cut once more so the avocado is in quarters.  These are the Fuerte variety of  avocados, in season from December until March in California.   Easy to peel and full of flavor right now!

making avocado heartsUsing  small cookie cutters,  cut hearts in various thicknesses.  You can always slice an extra thick heart through the center to  create two hearts. Mash up the remaining avocado and spread it on the toast.  Top with avocado hearts and your favorite seasonings!

making Valentine avocado toast

Avocado Hearts on Salads

I love making Avocado Hearts to use on salads too.    Avocado Hearts on butter lettuce with champagne pear vinaigrette dressing adds a bit of Valentine’s Day flavor to a simple casserole!  (This one is Idaho Fingerling Sausage Cheese Pie! The recipe is coming soon!)

avocado hearts on salald

Use Jumbo California Avocados and Mini Cookie Cutters for  Avocado Hearts

I have a big set of heart cookie cutters but the smallest ones are best for avocados.   Look for the largest avocados so you can make larger avocado hearts!

heart cookie cutters

I’d love to hear about your adventures with avocado hearts!  Use them to garnish any dish with avocados!

avocado hearts on toast

Where to Buy Jumbo California Avocados?

Need jumbo avocados and having trouble finding them in stores?  Visit our family farm website California Avocados Direct and we’ll ship them direct to you via Priority Mail!  If you live in California,  visit one of the many certified Farmers Markets to buy direct from a California avocado grower.

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