Chocolate Brownies with Fresh California Figs!

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This is going to be a very short but sweet post.  It’s Friday night, we’re watching television, and we’re wishing for something good to eat.  The easy thing to do is brownies.  But wait!  We have fresh figs!  So let’s just slice some figs in half, poke  them into the  top of the brownie batter and bake!


The brownies are done!  Look at those yummy figs…soft, succulent and juicy! Roasted figs embedded in rich  chocolate brownies. (Use one extra egg in your brownie batter to make them cake-like.)  And yes, this is a boxed mix…Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Chip…just happened to have some  in the pantry!

Brownie SundaeServe the brownies while they’re still warm and  let the juice of the figs soak into the  chocolate yumminess.   Add a scoop of good vanilla ice cream topped with caramel sauce…then take a bite of fig,  a bite of chocolate, with a vanilla ice cream chaser.  How much better can a Friday night treat be?

Looking forward to Fig Fest 2013 ?  I am!   Join in the fun on Sept. 8, 2013!  Fig Fest 2013 Logo - smaller

 Check out these fig recipes and add your own to the list!

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